Snow Play, Sled Runs, and more!

Reliable Snow Service has nearly 25 years experience in making snow on location. Whether you are a City Park looking for a snow day for your community, a Production Company needing real snow for a unique shot, or even a Private Residence seeking your own White Christmas, Reliable Snow Service specializes in all areas where making snow on location is required.

Mel Chikato and Reliable Snow Service have been in business in the Los Angeles area since 1988, and from that time until present, our goal has been to make our customers happy. No matter if your event is a modest 6 ton play area for your child’s birthday, or a mega 200 ton special effects job for a film like Die Hard II, Reliable Snow Service will quickly respond with a competitive quote. We want your business and we’ll prove it to you!

You won’t be disappointed with Reliable Snow Service!

What our customers say:

  • I highly recommend Mel Chikato and Reliable Snow Service. The City of Brea purchased 40 tons of snow for 9 years from him and had 300-500 kids and adults playing in the snow at our annual Snow Play Day. We were extremely pleased with his service. He has a quality product, efficient, pleasant to work with, reliable and always on time.
    Pat Tremayne, City of Brea Events Specialist II, Community Service Department
  • Mel Chikato provided the snow for the City of Glendale, CA Winter Wonderland event for more than 15 years. The free play areas and snow slides, comprised of 60 – 80 tons of snow, were enjoyed by over 5,000 attendees annually. Mel provided outstanding customer service and a first-rate snow product. He and his team were conscientious, on time and always accommodating. I highly recommend Reliable Snow Service and give them a five-star rating!
    Karen Fries, Community Services & Parks Department
  • I want to thank you again for your attendance at Snowfest and give you the “snow vendor” information you had requested. We use Reliable Snow Service. I highly recommend getting a quote from Mel, as he offers competitive pricing, is extremely professional to work with, and very knowledgeable on your snow needs and layout.
    Danielle June, Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District