Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Reliable Snow Service makes snow by crushing 300 pound ice blocks in a portable snow blower. The snow blower we own is well maintained, and is one of the best models available. Block Ice is transported by Tractor-Trailer Truck to the desired location.  Our trained crew then feeds these blocks into the snow blower. The machine breaks up the blocks into small pieces which then enter into a high speed impeller. The impeller pulverizes the ice chunks into snow and forces it out of a discharge hose with enough force to blow it up seventy-five feet from the machine. Our snow blower and crew can crush 22 tons of block ice per hour. The finished product is fluffy, soft snow.

The Estimated coverage for 1 ton of ice is 100 square feet of area, 6 inches deep. This may vary due to temperature and the type of surface it will be applied to.